Christophe Bruno

An Internet installation that shows the news pictures that are the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time. A panoptic vision of the topics of fascination of mankind: the viewer surfs on the infotainment wave and experiences the paradoxes of global thinking in a blink.

Exhibitions: FIAC Paris, ARCO Madrid (Awarded with the @ARCO New Media Prize 2007), Nuit Blanche de Paris, ArtCologne, galerie Sollertis, IMAL Bruxelles

Installation n°1 on 5 is property of the Beep/DataLogic Collection and was acquired for the Arco prize 2007 in Madrid.

Installation n°2 on 5 is property of Collection Alain Servais.

Installation n°3 on 5 is property of Collection Amaury De Solages.