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> Mr R. (Washington)
... I am very shy and I have the feeling that nobody cares about what I say. When I meet other people, I wish I could read their minds. It would give me some self-confidence...
>>> The Google Adwords Happening
Dear Sir,

Even if we could read people's thoughts, there would certainly be some limitations, because what we would find would just be unbearable to us, or maybe we wouldn't be able to find our way in their minds. On the Internet, search engines try to play this game. Their economic dynamics consists in gathering all possible data about our most private desires and then make this information profitable. As it is in our own unconscious, censorship watches and regulates. It doesn't even wait for the unbearable, but strikes according to some uninterest rating. This is the way the "age of access" deals with the "transfiguration of the commonplace".

If you want to speak, you have to pay the price, or your "shyness" will shut your mouth. We invite you to read The Google Adwords Happening.

Exhibitions / awards

> Prix Ars Electronica (2003): Honorary Mention for the "Google Adwords Happening" in the category "Net Vision / Net Excellence"

> Microwave International Media Art Festival 2002, Honk-Kong Nov.-Dec. 2002, Net Art in Exhibition curated by Vuk Cosic

> Tirana Biennale 02: "U-Topos", Sept 12 - Oct 25, 2003, New Media Section Curated by V. Grancher

> javamuseum.org, Actual Positions of French Net Art, curated by Agricola de Cologne, Dec. 2002

> freemanifesta.org, Franckfurt/Online, Frankfurter Kunstverein ground floor., spring 2002, curated by Sal Randolph

> The Search Art Project. Paris/Online curated by Valéry Grancher

> rhizome.org

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