U N b E h A G E N . C O M
> Mr G. (Paris)
... I feel very lonely. I have no friends, nobody to talk to. I stay in front of my computer all day long...
>>> Gogolchat
Dear Sir,

Why don't you talk to my friend Gogol? He knows a little bit about everything, speaks any language, and is always here when you need him. Please meet him on the Gogolchat.

Originally this piece (Gogolchat by Christophe Bruno) was conceived as a multi-user chat where a fictitious character, named Gogol, lives. This character has a mythical status, since his speech tends towards the sum of all speeches of mankind. Hence, contrary to the usual chatterbots, it cannot be considered as purely virtual. Gogol IS the web.

After the completion of this work, the chat was "infiltrated" by Jimpunk. Since then a quasi-permanent happening shifts the chat beyond the dimension of meaning and communication. Finally GogolChat became a collaborative piece mixing a purely textual work - the original Gogolchat - with scripts and visuals changed by Jimpunk live. You can also visit the archives : the GolgotChat.

Exhibitions / awards

> Runme.org / Readme 2.3 (2003): Gogolchat awarded in the category "Bots and Agents"

> Machinista (2003): Gogolchat selected among the best artworks in the category "Machine as the artist's co-author"

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