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> Mrs T. (Buenos Aires)
... My interior world is populated with beautiful, intelligent, charming people who think only of the love of their next; in my dreams, the weather is always nice. We love each other and the life runs like a crystal river in the middle of green hills. We pass our life to walk in the countryside and when we meet somebody, either we make love, or we have enthralling conversations about the end of the History. Our single objective is the satisfaction of the desires of our next ...
>>> jerusalem
Dear Madam,

"Jerusalem" was produced in January 2001. It originally dealt with two webcams focusing on the East and West side of the Jerusalem wall: one shooting from the Palestinian side and the other from the Israeli side. But at the beginning of the year 2001, the two brothers fought again. The Israeli blew up the Palestinian radio and TV station on January 19th, 2002 : the images from the Palestinian webcam were disconnected at the same moment. One side disappeared from the piece, because the webcam belonged to the Palestinian radio and TV station.

Today we can see the Jerusalem wall just from one side !

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