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Marx & Lenin
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More to come...

Christophe Bruno
(Jan. 2004 - Mar. 2010)

In March 2010 at Ars Longa



The first version of the project was released online in January 2004. The project was reactivated and reworked in March 2010 on the occasion of the exhibition at Ars Longa: "Les paradoxes du petit monde", curated by Judith Lavagna and Cyril Verde. It is not a pure online project anymore.

Many thanks to Judith Lavagna and Vincent Guimas from Ars Longa, as well as to Cyril Verde for allowing this new version of Global Artits to take shape and for the many discussions and ideas that have enriched the project. Many thanks as well to Daniele Balit for his precious advices and to Frédéric Lepeltier for the 3D realization for the Marx&Lenin piece.